Datacat is a data entry and processing application that enables agents to perform tasks such as direct sales, lead generation, surveys and job cards seamlessly across multiple platforms. Datacat is designed so that changes to the capture forms are quick and easy to make while still presenting a clear and consistent user interface.

Form Builder

Datacat’s powerful and flexible form builder uses customisable components for the rapid creation of complex, validated data-entry forms. The forms can utilise device features to capture documents and images, signatures, geo-locations and as well as text-based data. Forms are version controlled and can be modified at any time without affecting previously captured data.

Unified Interface

The  platform can be used in both fixed-location (e.g. contact centres) and mobile field-force applications. This makes for easier training and ensures consistent business workflows across all product lines. The platform leverages the built-in capabilities of each device to ensure an optimal user experience and maximal data input. Agents can move easily between mobile devices and desktop PCs, and administrators can see captured data real-time wherever they are.

Customisable Integration

Multiple points of integration are available, both to your back-end systems as well as third party applications. These include authentication, customised validation, agent commission calculations, product database synchronisation and data access.

The product catalogue can be loaded separately or synchronised with your existing backend database.

Data Validation

Data is validated in real-time at point of capture using a set of configurable, pre-built validators to ensure data consistency and reliability. The validators can be as simple as ensuring only valid numbers are entered (eg for cell phone numbers) to cross-field inter-dependent validators.

Custom and third party validation services (such as bank CDV/AVS checks) are also supported.


Every data capture event logs metadata that can be used to generate a full audit trail of agent activity. Metadata includes the capturing agent, a geolocation tag (on supported devices) and a timestamp.

All corollary data, such as images and documents, also have complete metadata

Agent Commissions

Agent commissions can be calculated and displayed in the agent dashboard. Agents can see commission earnings as they occur.

Data Access

Captured data is available in real-time and can be download on demand, queried via an API or pushed directly into any 3rd party system. Different processing methods are available within the same app – different sets of data may be routed in different ways.

Product-driven Workflows

Data capture and processing can be configured on a per-product basis, allowing for agents to perform multiple tasks based on their job descriptions and/or skill levels, as well as integration with multiple 3rd party or customer back-end systems.


The user interface is fully translatable, allowing for the use of multiple languages suited to each agent, as well as the customisation of the user interface to use client-specific terminology.

Administrator Queues

Captured records can be viewed, modified, accepted or rejected by administrative staff.