We have created a few industry-specific demonstration configurations to give you an idea how Datacat works and how it may fit in to your business. You can try out Datacat for yourself by clicking on the links below in your browser. Use your PC to see what a desktop version would look like and open it on your phone to see the “app” version.

Otherwise, contact us and our sales team will answer your questions, give you guidance on deployment options and provide you with an obligation-free quotation based on your requirements.

Direct Sales Demo

This demonstration shows how the Datacat forms can capture information for direct sales. The demo contains a small product catalogue showcasing both Mobile (Cellular) and Insurance products. These forms require the Sales Agents to attach pictures documents that can be checked by the Administrative Agents before the sales are confirmed.

Survey Demo

Do you need to know more about your customers? Or how your product is viewed in the marketplace? Or do you need to collate data about a specific topic? Whether you are a corporate, an NGO or a government department Datacat can be used to get you the information you need.

The power of the fully-translatable front-end is seen here. The language used is completely different from the language used in the sales demo. Using your own terminology within an app makes things so much simpler to explain to your agents.

Lead Generation Demo

You can capture whatever data you need – from simple names and contact numbers to detailed questionnaires. The validation components allow you to be as as strict about validating the data as you require, and attach whatever documentation needed to the lead. Leads can be linked to multiple campaigns and products, and workflows are configured independently for each one. You can push hot-leads directly to your customers in real-time or send a list of qualified leads on demand. Whatever your application, we have you covered.