Skillfactor Online

Workplace training in your browser

Online learning offers many benefits to an organisation, such as:

  • Training is cost-effective as it is usually reasonably priced, and sacrifices less down-time.
  • It is flexible - available 24 hours per day, and is self-paced so that learners can progress as quickly or as slowly as they like.
  • Training initiatives are easier to manage, and training achievements are easy to track via the online reporting system.
  • The training courses are repeatable, and many students can be taken through the same quality training and assessments.


In addition to these benefits, Skillfactor Online takes web-based training to the next level.

The Skillfactor Online material is designed specifically for the South African market and is aligned to the South African education and training environment (SETA) and South African legislation. All the courses are tested against the SAQA Unit standards.


These courses are very interactive - many different methods are used to encourage learners to explore the material. Learners are encouraged to explore links to external material, and formative questionnaires help identify areas that need more focus.

The material is strongly related it to real-world applications. The learners are often given scenarios that they need to work through in order to identify and asses their actions. The material is not only about the theory - all the courses are developed under the guidance of subject-matter experts who have actually worked in the course environment. Many of the scenarios are derived from the experts' actual experiences.


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