Monitoring and Alerting

Digia provides a highly configurable surveillance service to provide you with a real-time view of your systems infrastucture. We are able to monitor any device that is accessible on your network, including servers, switches, air-conditioners, UPSs, racks, environmental sensors and CCTV cameras. In conjunction with a robust and fully-redundant alerting system, you will always be aware of any potential issues in your environment, especially after-hours when there are no staff on site.



  • Can be deployed on-site or through the Digia Monitoring cloud
  • Designed to support both small and large environments
  • Monitor everything inside your network; servers, web applications, databases, networking equipment and more
  • Configurable triggers to provide real-time alerts through email and SMS
  • Support for both polling and trapping mechanisms
  • Real-time access to system metrics through a web interface or mobile device
  • High-level (business) view of monitored resources
  • Integrates with our intrusion detection system to provide real-time alarms on security-related events


View the health of your infrastructure to predict and therefore alleviate possible downtime.

  • Identify performance bottlenecks and take pre-emptive action
  • Quickly identify points of failure should they occur
  • Manage/track your performance on your SLA with concrete metrics.


Capacity Planning

View peak and historical data to understand usage patterns and predict future requirements more accurately. Long term trends (over 3 to 6 months) provide you with an insight into how changes affect your environment. Instantaneously assess the impact of adding new users, upgrading hardware or installing new software products. Critical values such as processor and disk usage statistics gives you a view on how busy your servers are and whether they are handling the load applied to them.

Significant cost savings can be realised by ensuring that existing resources are properly utilised and not purchasing unnecessary equipment.


Stay in touch

Our unique alerting module allows you to receive SMS alerts without relying on your email and/or Internet connection, allowing early, pro-active fault resolution. The servers/devices will be monitored for events that could trigger downtime incidents, or events that may impact the running of the system. Examples would be disk space monitoring (impacts dialers for storage of voice logs, and also ability to run backups), server performance (CPU, memory), and temperature of the server room.