About us

Digia is a service-driven IT company based in Durban, South Africa and founded in 2009. Our management team has over 40 years experience in database and software design and development, and in infrastructure management.

We understand that businesses build their foundations on Information Technology - a fact that drives our overarching philosophy:

"A company's technology should exist to serve its business needs"


Proper technology management and support are critical to keeping systems running smoothly and aligned with changing business requirements. Close relationships with our clients produce better alignment between their technologies and their business strategies. We strive to make technology manageable, scaleable and accountable to the business goals and objectives.


How do we build our systems?

As well as working with the best-of-breed open source solutions (such as Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, Apache, and  Zabbix), we also offer support on most common proprietary software platforms, (Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server).

Our software solutions are built on a cross-platform architecture that comprises  a range of well-known, robust components  (Java, PHP5, Symfony, Solr, Servicemix).

As a result we are able to remain independent from any single hardware product or software vendor, so that we can serve as your trusted technology partner.