Loyalty Engine

Loyalty Engine is a web-based platform that facilitates the operations and administration of loyalty and incentive programmes. A range of packages are available ranging from fully-managed outsource, to simple software platform hosting for those who prefer to run their administration in-house. Features include:

  • Customisable look and feel, allowing the client to present a consistent brand identity
  • Content management¬† - the system has a built-in CMS to facilitate the real-time creation/modification of website content and creative elements
  • Customisable member enrolment processes (via the web site or through integration with a client back-end systems)
  • Event-based transactions (either captured or generated from 3rd party systems)
  • Deep location hierarchies (such as outlets, regions, countries)
  • Member and location tiering
  • Assignment of multiple roles to members
  • Assignment of specific roles to employees (such as trainee, sales agent, IT manager)
  • Programme rules can be applied across multiple hierarchies (such as roles, tiers or locations) and metrics (such as tenure or achievement)
  • Web, SMS and email communication
  • Integration to card providers for redemption of cash rewards
  • Comprehensive reporting

In terms of systems integration, we are capable of interfacing with third parties using a number of technologies including web-services, JMS, RPC and XML-HTTP, file exchange. This means that we can integrate with your HR or payroll systems should this be required.

Administrative Services

In addition to the core system itself, Digia is able to provide additional administrative services to the program. These services include:

  • Answering email and telephonic queries
  • Following up on queries and problem resolution
  • Maintenance of site content
  • Management of payment for rewards and other services