Contact Centre Reporting

Digia provides a reporting portal that provides you with a set of standardised operational reports and dashboards that complement the data you receive from your existing systems.



  • Reports are web-based and accessible through any modern browser
  • Interactive front-end making extensive use of AJAX
  • New, customised reports can be added as required
  • Export data to csv, xls and pdf.
  • Real-time access



Digia offers two deployment options:

  • A cross platform server that can be installed on your own hardware OR
  • A cloud-based solution that runs on our managed servers


The cloud service - how it works:

  • You access the web-based front end system via any web browser, and log-in with your unique username and password
  • Locate the report or information you require and click on it to generate a real-time, up-to-date report
  • Our back-end system connects to your database via a secure tunnel and requests the data it requires

The data never leaves your premises - the data is queried and reported to you at the time of request. We guarantee that your data is secure and kept private.