Software Development

Our primary focus is on complex multi-tier web applications that co-exist and integrate with external and/or 3rd party systems.


At present, most of our development work makes use of the following technologies:

  • PHP on the Symfony 1.x or 2.x frameworks
  • Java (Java EE, Spring and Apache Wicket)
  • Backend databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • HTML5, javascript and jQuery


Depending on the project requirements we can work independently and deliver a an end-to-end solution, including ongoing management and maintenance either on-site or hosted ( see application hosting for more information on hosting options). Alternatively, we work together with end-users and business analysts to ensure that the application brings the most business benefit.  We also work closely with infrastructure teams to ensure the the platform is deployed efficiently, and will be easy to manage in the future.


Agile (XP) or Prototyping project management methodologies are our preferred development lifecycle methods, but we may also work under Prince 2 / PMBok methods should organisations prefer.