Consulting Services

Our senior staff have a wide range of IT experience across many different industries. We offer consulting services that cover both IT Systems Architecture design and Business Process analysis extending into IT project management.


Systems Architecture

Digia brings experience in a wide range of technologies to the design of robust and cost-effective systems. We offer systems architecture consulting services, incorporating:

  • System modelling and documentation
  • Selection of the most appropriate hardware and software
  • The design of the process-flows
  • Systems lifecycle development
  • Identification of integration points between multiple applications

Technology Services

Digia specializes in middle- and back-tier server platforms.  Our experience across different technology platforms means that we are often consulted on systems integration services. We offer:

  • Process design and implementation
  • Software solutions (including open source software systems)
  • Linux solution design and deployment
  • Systems integration consulting and solutions
  • Software development - Java, PHP
  • Database design and development

Reporting Systems

We have designed and built reporting systems ranging from data warehouse environments to operational Business Information. These reporting systems have been implemented across many different industries, such as:

  • Retail
  • Financial / Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Contact Centres – Inbound and Outbound

Contact Centre Infrastructure

Digia has extensive experience in the planning and management of contact centre infrastructure:

  • Systems architecture design and planning
  • Voice carrier integration and reporting
  • Troubleshooting of dialers (with particular experience in Touchstar and RealConnect)
  • Investigation of dialer reporting and analytics
  • Dialer database optimisation and management
  • Troubleshooting of back-bone infrastructure: LAN/WAN, Voice, Dialer and Desktop