Application Hosting

Focus your time and talent on your business rather than your technology.

Do you need to deploy an application that is critical to your business? Reduce costs by buying infrastructure and management as a service, rather than investing in assets and hiring new personnel.

Rely on our expertise in designing, implementing and running business-critical systems. Digia offers a secure, fully managed environment in which your application can be deployed, supporting the operating system, programming language, web application platform, databases, and any other services you need.


  • Scalable support for applications across single or multiple nodes
  • Support for applications technologies on both Linux and Windows
  • Secure, monitored servers
  • Integration with 3rd party systems via secure tunnels
  • Multiple datacentres
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Performance monitoring and alerting
  • Security testing
  • Automated backups with bi-annual testing


Contact us to discuss your requirements or for a no-obligation quote.


Preconfigured Applications

Hosted Email

A full-service email solution, based on your choice of MS Exchange or Google applications for business. Options include archiving.


Hosted Databases

Fully managed Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL databases. Can be used as a primary database or a replication host. Management services are identical to those offered for our onsite solution.


Hosted System Monitoring

A fully managed real-time monitoring solution for up to 10 servers and/or applications. Larger installations will require an onsite installation. See our monitoring and alerting service for more detail.


Intrusion Detection Service

Get real-time notification of any suspicious activity on vulnerable servers (such as those in your DMZ). Product features include:

  • Generation and auto-checking of hash-keys on specified system files and/or directories
  • Real-time generation of events from system and application logs
  • Triggering of automated responses to intrusion events, such as the automatically blocking remote IPs
  • Full integration into our monitoring and alerting service.


Hosted CMS

We can provide you with the CMS of your choice on the platform of your choice. We are familiar with:

  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magnolia
  • Liferay

If you have another CMS you would prefer to use, give us a call and we will let you know if we can support it.


Turnkey Applications

Contact us with your requirements. Examples of turnkey applications include:

  • Source-control repositories
  • Network proxies
  • Application load-balancers
  • Custom web applications
  • Development frameworks and stacks
  • Search infrastructure